Insurance fund: $ 200

“Oilinv” is a low-profitable state in its infancy.

Good day!

I add one more low feeder to my blogwhich, in my humble opinion, will be of interest to a wide range of investors.

According to relevant sites, The project began to work 30.04.2018. At this stage, the fund "Oilinv" entered the second phase and began to appear on some investment blogs.

So, it's time to speak to me.

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Good day, revered investor.

И again I am with the news, and more specifically, with a new investment fundWhich, I think, will be interesting to you. Project "NexoFX»Started not so long ago (03.03.2019), but has already gained popularity among players of HIPP industry.

Now I decided to share my opinion on this foundation.

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New exchange from Bittrex - Bitsdaq. How to get 5000 tokens for free?

Greetings, my dear partners.

Not so long ago, to be precise, in February of this year, the Bittrex trading platform announced the opening of a new cryptocurrency exchangefocused on the Asian region called “Bitsdaq».

And so, This platform performs a free distribution of its own tokens.. As in the case of the distribution from Blockchain, I decided to participate because of the world famous brand and this is what happened.

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"Forest4" - there is hope for a good game. (refbek 15% of the deposit).

Welcome, my friends.

So, as I promised earlier, today we will talk about the project «Forest4". I want to say at once that I take it to the blog not only because it is well prepared, has interesting marketing, etc., but also because reminds me "old friendWhich gave me and many of you good money, much dear partners.

The admin here or not, I can’t argue, but judging by the development and appearance of the site, there are all chances.

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Insurance fund: $ 200

"MFO Capital" - SCAM

Greetings to you, friends.

I take on the blog promising HYIP projectwhich, most likely, you have already seen on other monitors and now, it will be on my blog.

So, the fund "MFO Capital". Legend has it that this organization is engaged in lending to microfinance organizations, which, in principle, is confirmed by an appropriate certificate. The profit formation scheme for the project investors is described as follows:

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Profit will be even with SCAM.

Hello everyone, my dear partners.

In the last days, as you could see, Individual insurance was distributed to participants under the new system - before profit. What can I say, although it is obvious, the topic has gone.

Well, now I decided "pamper»You like bonus constantly.

This article sets out the basic provisions and rules of insurance before profit.

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Stop working on your uncle and start your own business. An example of a business idea.

Hello everyone, my dear readers.

Sometimes, HYIP industry pushes on the idea of ​​earning not only on the Internet, but also in the real world. Not so long ago, one project held a competition of business ideas and I thought that such a thing could be quickly and budgetary implemented in life.

This is how a business plan was born that I want to share with you so that you can express your opinion.

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Insurance fund: $ 200

BitRush - SCAM

Good evening, partners.

Today I have another newcomer on my blog, although, as for the world of HYIP industry, it’s probably already a veteran. I think that you perfectly understand why I say that.

Whatever it was, and hedgehog for today "Bitrush"Worked 20 days, and this, my dear, a little more 100% net profitfor those who came at the start.

And now, more about everything.

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Insurance fund: $ 300

"Crowd Lending" - SCAM

Greetings, my dear partners.

Well, it's time to introduce you closer to one newcomer HYIP industry, which can please us with you fast profit. Project "Crowd lending» just started (11.02.2019), which means there is every chance "snatch a piece of sweet cakeWith the smell of money.

Let's start exploring this fund.

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Clash Royale - SCAM

Hello everyone, my dear partners.

Recently in the world of online investment, there was one interesting project that in a short time appeared on many blogsAnd, most interestingly, in most cases - this is the personal choice of bloggers.

Well, I will not keep up with the trend, so to speak.

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