"Hyipocrates" - SCAM

Good afternoon, my dear partners.

Today I will present an interesting, in my opinion, project that plays well in contrast with the rest of HYIP funds.

A distinctive feature of the project "Hyipocrates"Is it fresh legend that stands out among everyday stories about the Forex market, the cryo currency and mining.

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New partisan on the blog - "Forex Kong"

I greet you, dear partners.

I add to the blog another guerrilla with a good, as for this type of project, marketing.

The Forex kong", According to the legend - This is a long-term, highly profitable private loan program supported by trading in the Forex market and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to improve our program and increase its stability over the long term..

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Claymer is a new mining project on a blog. 30% Refback

Greetings to you dear friends.

Today let's talk about a new direction for me - projects tied up on mining cryptocurrency. I'm not talking about those funds where the legend consists of the fact that your money will be used to develop mining farms, and you will receive a profit, namely about renting capacity for mining.

Cloud mining, pseudo-mining, as you wish.

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"Mental Invest" - earnings in offshore

And hello to you guys again.

The second partisan - the project "Mental Invest". According to the legend that is described on his website, This company is engaged in the registration of holdings in offshore zones.. According to the creators:

«Transferring money to foreign banks, carrying out operations with the participation of an offshore state as a third party, absolutely everyone can maximize the profit gained from trading, eliminating the need to pay taxes and duties.

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New partisan on the blog - "Bittency"

Good afternoon friends.

I add a couple of HYIP partisans to my blog. And let's start with a project called “Bittency».

As its creators say: This program is designed for people who want to achieve their financial freedom, but are not able to do this because they are not financial experts..

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"Even Rex" - SCAM

Good afternoon, my dear readers.

As I said today in the blog chat, I will acquaint you with another investment fund that I liked. Looking ahead, I’ll say that I’ve followed this project for some time and tried to get as much information as possible.

Now same i ready to share my thoughts and opinionsregarding the work of the foundationEven rex».

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Insurance fund: $ 200

"Oilinv" - SCAM

Good day!

I add one more low feeder to my blogwhich, in my humble opinion, will be of interest to a wide range of investors.

According to relevant sites, The project began to work 30.04.2018. At this stage, the fund "Oilinv" entered the second phase and began to appear on some investment blogs.

So, it's time to speak to me.

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Good day, revered investor.

И again I am with the news, and more specifically, with a new investment fundWhich, I think, will be interesting to you. Project "NexoFX»Started not so long ago (03.03.2019), but has already gained popularity among players of HIPP industry.

Now I decided to share my opinion on this foundation.

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New exchange from Bittrex - Bitsdaq. How to get 5000 tokens for free?

Greetings, my dear partners.

Not so long ago, to be precise, in February of this year, the Bittrex trading platform announced the opening of a new cryptocurrency exchangefocused on the Asian region called “Bitsdaq».

And so, This platform performs a free distribution of its own tokens.. As in the case of the distribution from Blockchain, I decided to participate because of the world famous brand and this is what happened.

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"Forest4" - SCAM

Welcome, my friends.

So, as I promised earlier, today we will talk about the project «Forest4". I want to say at once that I take it to the blog not only because it is well prepared, has interesting marketing, etc., but also because reminds me "old friendWhich gave me and many of you good money, much dear partners.

The admin here or not, I can’t argue, but judging by the development and appearance of the site, there are all chances.

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