Exparvest is a new project with good potential.

I greet you, my dear readers.

Today let's talk about another worthy project, which went into the vast HYIP industry 14.01.2019. So say, "svezhachok.

High-quality design, competent and, most importantly, profitable marketing, combined with positive reviews, made me pay attention to this foundation, and, I think he will interest you too.

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Blockchain is distributed to XLM coin users. How to get cryptocurrency for free.

Good day, dear readers.

Yet in November 2018, the cryptocurrency platform manualBlockchain"Announced an" unprecedented attraction of generosity "- free distribution of coins Stellar (XLM) for a total of $ 125 million. For each user is allocated XLM coins worth 25 dollars. And this is not the end of the story.

Especially for you, I studied and tested this topic in detail and now I am ready to present my conclusions.

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“U-profit” - pays up to 4.22% per hour.

Greetings, my dear readers.

The second project I decided to add to my blog in 2019, 01.12.2018 has appeared on the Internet, and, for now, it shows excellent results.

So, I think you should take a closer look at it. Especially those investors who love projects with hourly charges.

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“Cashluxe Holding LTD” is the first project on the blog in 2019 with potential TOP.

I greet you, my dear readers.

Well all we had a rest for the New Year and Christmas and it’s time to continue our hard work with you. Of course, it’s extremely difficult to find something worthwhile online now (I think admins "wake up"Closer to 20 numbers), but it seems to me The project I picked up deserves your attention..

So, meet the first project on my blog in 2019 year - "Cashlux.

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Phishing - you are on the hook, or "how to hack an account."

Hello everyone, dear friends. Well then happy New Year. Only victories and profit in 2019.

I hope you have already woken up after the New Year holidays and started to work in good sense and sober memory, because fraudsters have just woken up and with might and main are wielding.

Today I will tell you how I tried "to cleanAnd what came of it.

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HYIPs on smart contracts or as “the beautiful swan” became the “ugly duckling”.

Most of you, my dear readers, of course, remembers the tale of Hans Christian Andersen "Ugly duckling». In her, absolutely ugly, mediocre, even a little ugly duckling, after long wanderings turns into a gorgeous white swan.

Unfortunately, With HYIPs on smart contracts, the story happened exactly the opposite. Reliable, almost flawless projects have become “ugly duckling, Which everyone bypasses. And today I will give you my point of view, why did it all happen so.

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Intermediate results of the project "Ellaos". (already scam)

A few days ago (12.12.2018) my deposit in "Ellaos"Went into profit, and I see the sense to beat intermediate results and tell about the work that was carried out by the administration of the project over the past days.

And there is something to tell here, since the project team, with its own updates, wants to create a universal investment tool that is accessible to everyone.

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Insurance fund: $ 300

"DER Global LTD" - a project "under the tree" from a strong foreign admin.

Hello everyone, my dear readers.

Today I want to present you another investment fund, which I add to my portfolio. In fact, many of you will see familiar outlines at first sight, and I think they will understand which administrator is leading him.

I can not speak for everyone, but I have experience with this admin was positiveй. So, she takes him to a blog in the hope of repeating past success.

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Intermediate results of the project "Sophia With You".

So today is the 10 days from the moment it appeared on the blog bot "Sophia With You"Which gives you the opportunity to receive 3% profit per day on an unlimited basisAnd, I think, it is worth talking about what changes have taken place from the start, what has improved and added to the functions of this bot.

To begin with, over the past days, bugs have been corrected that took place at the start, namely:

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How the situation with “Bitmain” will be displayed on the price of Bitcoin Cash

A few days ago, it became known that well-known company "Bitmain" incurs huge losses due to the excessive optimism associated with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coin.

Those who follow cryptocurrency markets know that Not so long ago, a hard fork occurred on the coin’s network, which introduced the seed of discord to the community supporting this coin.. The essence of the division was to divide Bitcoin Cash into two coins: Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH ABC) and Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BCH SV).

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