AdvancedCash - is increasingly popular payment system, which appeared in the year 2014. The system is an offshore, which guarantees the anonymity and safety of your funds. Cash Advance is in partnership with MasterCard, allowing you to produce virtual and classic card to withdraw money in various accounts and other payment systems.

Service created in 2014 year, but that did not stop to collect a large customer base, growing in geometrical progression. This is facilitated by several factors:

  1. The high degree of system security;
  2. 4 currency in one purse: Russian rubles, British pounds, euros and dollars;
  3. Quick internal exchange rates;
  4. Mobile applications for popular operating systems;
  5. Fast 2-minute's registration;
  6. Diversity techniques output and replenishment;
  7. And the possibility of issuing a virtual credit card (Bank of England) to cover all over the world, with a control function, code card and confirmation by sms;
  8. Secure internal mail for the safe conduct of correspondence;
  9. 24 / 7 helpdesk.

Register account Advanced Cash

Anyone even slightly owns a PC and the Internet, will be able to register an account for 2-3 minutes.

Proceed to registration:

  1. Go to the official website The site is translated into the Russian language, however, is somewhat unfriendly to new customers. In order to go to the registration, you need to squander down the page and click "Create an account for free."
  2. We get to the registration page. Choose the type of account: "Personal" and "Business". The default is set to "Personal" type.We answer immediately.Enter the name and surname (preferably real) Latin, active e-mail and password. Password select wisely, it will be sufficient numbers and bukv.Peretaskivaem slider to the right - Jabber. Push the button "register" .Koshelek created.We answer immediately.

Unlike most payment systems, you get immediate access to the purse. Confirm registration by clicking a link in the e-mail is not necessary.

You immediately proposed to increase the level of your account and the extent of its protection. This can be done after passing the verification and configure security policy.

Verification, it also carried out the identification of three areas:

  1. Phone;
  2. Residential address;
  3. Personal data.

After verification, you can remove the restriction to $ 2500 operations per month.

After creating your 3 purse will be available: the dollar, the ruble and evrovy. You can also create a national currency and the pound purses.

purse number consists of 1 12 letters and numbers. Do not confuse.

Fill up the system can be even through mobile operators, but the impressive size of the commission.

We recommend immediately issue a virtual card and order a bank plastic. It is extremely convenient system of payment discounts and payment acceptance. You will be able to pay for a subscription, transfer money from card to card and purchase items from online stores around the world.

We answer immediately.


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