And what about Durov? Gram scam?

Hi everybody!

Remember what noise the news from the creator of Telegram Pavel Durov made about the launch of his own cryptocurrency Gram? Have you eaten and forgotten? Or not?

Immediately after the announcement of creating your own cryptocurrency from the Telegram messenger, the information space was simply torn from news, forecasts, assumptions, horror stories and conjectures. And now - almost silence.

How is the implementation of the Telegram Open Network and when will it be possible to buy Gram already?

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Prizm - cryptocurrency or investment project?

Hi everybody.

Today I I want to talk with you about cryptocurrency Prizm. Recently, many participants in the traditional HYIP industry pay attention to this coin not in vain. In principle, their interest is understandable, since Prizm - this is not only a cryptocurrency, but also an attempt to combine blockchain technology with the MLM development structure.

In this, we will reflect on Prizm and its potential as a cryptocurrency and investment project.

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How to buy Bitcoin

Greetings, dear friends.

Today I was approached by a friend (far from the scope of our business) with a request to help him buy Bitcoin. After long explanations of how to do this, my patience came to an end, and I decided to do everything myself.

However, after this "deal" I thought that many people often show interest in this asset and want to buy Bitcoin, but because of a lack of information they “pass by”. So, I decided to contribute to the development of cryptocurrencies and help users in this matter.

So, let's talk about what needs to be done to become a happy owner of cryptocurrency.

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New exchange from Bittrex - Bitsdaq. How to get 5000 tokens for free?

Greetings, my dear partners.

Not so long ago, to be precise, in February of this year, the Bittrex trading platform announced the opening of a new cryptocurrency exchangefocused on the Asian region called “Bitsdaq».

And so, This platform performs a free distribution of its own tokens.. As in the case of the distribution from Blockchain, I decided to participate because of the world famous brand and this is what happened.

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Blockchain is distributed to XLM coin users. How to get cryptocurrency for free.

Good day, dear readers.

Yet in November 2018, the cryptocurrency platform manualBlockchain"Announced an" unprecedented attraction of generosity "- free distribution of coins Stellar (XLM) for a total of $ 125 million. For each user is allocated XLM coins worth 25 dollars. And this is not the end of the story.

Especially for you, I studied and tested this topic in detail and now I am ready to present my conclusions.

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How the situation with “Bitmain” will be displayed on the price of Bitcoin Cash

A few days ago, it became known that well-known company "Bitmain" incurs huge losses due to the excessive optimism associated with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coin.

Those who follow cryptocurrency markets know that Not so long ago, a hard fork occurred on the coin’s network, which introduced the seed of discord to the community supporting this coin.. The essence of the division was to divide Bitcoin Cash into two coins: Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH ABC) and Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BCH SV).

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The service of learning algorithms for trading Apitrade

Greetings to you, my dear friends.

Today I want to talk to you about the service "Apitrade", which the allows you to earn on the stock exchange for those who do not have time to trade or just too lazy to spend for this time, and get money hunting.

In fact, this service is a trading bot (in fact a set of analyzing algorithms) that integrates into your stock account and conducts independent trading.

I will cover all the nuances of his work in this article.

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Why it is necessary to start MyEtherWallet.

Greetings to you, friends.

At the current level of development of the crypto currency, users are increasingly asking: "Where to store your coins?».

At the moment there are many exchanges, applications and third-party wallets, which allow you to make transactions with a particular crypto currency.

Today I want to tell you, why you should start a purse MyEtherWallet (MEV).

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Another cunning when working with crypt.

Greetings to you friends!

Many of you have already plunged into the world of crypto currency and actively earn on trading or on long-term growth of the coin rate and ... correctly do.

In this article, I I'll tell you about another interesting point that can help you to exaggerate your assets a little.

This type of profit is not very common in the crypto-currency world, but it is there and it is clearly not worth to pass by it.

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