"Hash365" - the results of the work.

Greetings, my dear friends.

Not so long ago the project “leave us”Hashnumx"And today I want to let you down results of his work and say a few words about how everyday projects seem to work at first glance.

So, “Hash365” started 12.08.2019 and left us for 15.09.2019 of the year, having worked 34 of the day.

Initially, I want to say that the public did not particularly welcome this investment fund. Although, frankly, for me the mystery is why. Design, script and other important realities of a worthy project were present in it. The administration evenscrewed» greenbar (I agree, it is not always an indicator, but still better with it than without it).

However, people walked sluggishly, and, on average, no more than 300 USD. Bursts were only at the very start and at the end of the work.

However, at the same time, the project worked for 34 days and this is with hourly accruals and the minimum daily profit rate in 5%. That is, those who entered on the first day were able to "carry away» 70% net profit.

The project appeared on the blog a day later (13.08.2019) and brought 65% who came from the start% of net profit, which, combined with the 15% refback, brought about 80% profit.

How do you understand to say something bad towards the admin "Hashnumx»Does not turn the tongue. Today, the situation in the industry is such that many participants are already happy when at least they break even, and here there is almost a doubling.

I congratulate my partners on the profit, I say “thank you” to the admin and wish him the same success in his future work.

[$, $,%,%,%]; [, $, $,%,%,%]

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Played in this project, getting a great profit! This project has shown that there are still worthy projects in the industry ..!


I got a letter from the administration here.
Hello, Project updates are going on and soon we will be up and running again.

Within 24 hours Hash365.biz will functioning withdrawals normally insntat like before. The New patch is faster than current. In order to effective your account with new patch just make a new investment of $ 20 USD or more with external payment processor via hash365 website only. Account balance deposit do not count. You can start new deposits from now. Once deposit is done your account will automatically attached with new patch.

Note- We do not have any telegram moderator who will set it up for you. DO NOT SEND FUND to any telegram member. You must have to deposit via hash365 website. All other support group or moderator is fake. Do not trust and send your fund via telegram or you will be scammed. Only real group is https://t.me/hash365_biz

Admin well done, I tried! Thank you for your work!


Thanks for the report on the project. Those who came with you immediately really could make good money and almost double the deposit.

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