It is at the planning stage laid a solid foundation, which is the key to success to earn online.

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The most important question facing the novice investor - is "where do I start?" Indeed, it is at the planning stage laid a solid foundation, which is the key to success to earn online.
So, here is a small list of items, the implementation of which will significantly increase the return on your investment:

determine the amount,
Which you can use for investment. This is the main task and it must be approached with all seriousness. Selecting too little, you will never go to a decent level of income, and will only collect the leftovers, while the others remove the cream. Having allocated too much, you can worsen your well-being. I recommend allocating at least 10% and no more than 20% of your income in real life for investment. It is this amount of investment that allows you to receive a more or less decent return on investments, and by increasing the volume of the investment portfolio from month to month, you will be able to "painlessly" increase your portfolio several times.

Choose e-payment system,
which will be convenient to transfer funds into investment funds and convert it to a profit in cash.The most common in the world of investments EPS - this Perfect Money, Payeer, ADVCash, Bitcoin, QIWI, Yandex, Payza и OKpay. Basically, you can choose any of them.

Choose a reliable exchange office.
It happens that the investment fund to which you are going to invest your money is not working stand of EPS, in which you have the money. So, in this case, it is necessary to make the exchange of money from one ESR to another. At this stage, there may be some problems with unscrupulous exchangers. I recommend using exchangers Monitoring Service «BestChange». It presents only verified exchangers and indicated their conversion rates, allowing you to make the exchange on the most favorable terms.

Determine the investment project
For the subsequent work with it. Perhaps, the most difficult stage. When choosing a fund, it is necessary to consider its technical part (how the site is made), the terms of marketing, and also the availability of feedback on this project. If the site has a lot of grammatical errors, poor design or low functionality, you can not invest your money in it. Such facts, at least, show that the administration does not work on improving its portal, which in turn indicates that they do not think for a long time to "pull" it. The profitability of the project I recommend to choose in the redistribution from 30 to 60 per month. Such funds are called medium-profit and show good deadlines with a good level of monthly income. However, if you do not hurry, then, perhaps, the best option will be low-yielding funds, with a profit margin from 10 to 25% per month. The term of such projects is much higher than all the others and, at times, is calculated not by one year.

Before investing in the selected project, find all the information about it. Try to read as many reviews of other investors and see all the videos on the network. Do not be amiss to and read what they write about this fund is not investment forums. There, the audience, for the most part - are experienced investors, and neglect their opinion certainly not worth it.

Choose a mentor for yourself. At the moment, the network has a lot of referral and partnership offers, which should not be abandoned. Finding an experienced person who has "eaten a dog" on investment, you will get maximum support in all aspects of investing. As a rule, experienced mentors are not in a hurry to advise their "students" that they are horrible, since they know that their earnings directly depend on the quality of the provided support and trust of partners. However, one should not go on about anyone who says that you will get "mountains of gold" with him. Look at it, if possible, contact the contacts from its list, specify information about the success of work with this mentor from other "students". Do not be shy, there is nothing shameful in this, after all - it's your "hard money" and you have the right to know whom you trust them.

Working with an investment fund, try to stay informed of all the events happening to him. Many novice investors, after they have chosen the project, cease to be interested in the events that occur in it. This is fundamentally wrong. Follow the news in his groups, read posts with payouts in profile forums and whenever possible periodically check the effectiveness of the support service (if they are not there for a long time online is a bad sign). As soon as you notice a growing discontent with the selected project on the network, immediately withdraw your funds from it. Often, those who constantly monitor the situation around the investment fund, in the case of problems that start, manage to withdraw a significant part of their contribution (if not all) even before the project stops paying.

Never bet on a single project. It is best to have in your arsenal 3-5 options and distribute investment portfolio between them. This is called diversification. If this method works, you minimize the risks by compensating for losses in a benefit fund
of others.

And most importantly - think. Every investor should be aware that, despite all the positive information about the investment fund, there is always the risk of its collapse. Before you make an investment, ask yourself a simple question: "If I lose this money, much if it will affect my well-being in the moment?" In case of a positive answer to this question, it is better to reduce the amount of your deposit, wait for a better time or even refuse to work with the project.
Invest wisely, dear readers. And I will try you with this help in every way.