Chat is open for foreign partners.

Good afternoon dear friends.

The information in this article, to a large extent, relates to our foreign partners. A lot of time has passed since the creation of the blog, and we are acquiring more and more new acquaintances, which are not always geographically located among the CIS countries.

There are a lot of investors from India, America, UK and other corners of our planet that are actively involved in the life of our resource.

Until recently, I did not think that need a separate investor chat in English. There was a general chat room, and I thought that was enough.

But, in connection with the increasing questions from foreign investors, it was decided to open a separate chat for English-speaking (and not only) partners.

Actually, here is a chat of investors from abroad.

I will be glad to see you online in this chat and, of course, I will be happy to answer all your questions.

In this chat, unlike chats of many investment resources no hard limits. You can discuss anything, payments, weather, cryptocurrency news and even projects that are not on my blog.

The rules are very simple:

  • we have no place for aggression and cruelty;
  • we have no place for racism, sexism and other things that can offend the dignity of other users;
  • we have no place for spam;
  • we do not offer terms of currency exchange, do not persuade obsessively into dubious investment funds
  • we do not post their referral links.

Separate request to partners from the Russian-speaking chat. If you speak foreign languages, join the English chat and help our foreign partners.

Thank you in advance.

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It's nice that the blog is developing and appeared in English chat. Thanks to this, foreigners get more information about the blog.

It's nice that the blog is developing and creating amenities for people from all over the world!

The blog is developing, and, of course, chat is needed for foreign investors ..! After the appearance of the "English" chat, the number of foreign users of the Blog can increase significantly ..! Unfortunately I do not speak English ... to the extent that I can provide the necessary assistance, but I think that there will be Russian-speaking users who will provide the necessary assistance to foreigners ..! All profit and successful investment ..!


Good update! For me this is not important, but if someone knows English better than Russian, then yes, for them it is relevant. Especially if you have questions!

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Investing in HYIP projects that are posted on my portal, you must understand and take into account all the risks. I do not at all urge you to invest in a HYIP, but only provide information about projects with a description of their pros and cons only for your convenience.

Given this, I am not responsible for the actions of the administrators of HYIP projects and the possible loss of funds on your part.