"Btcjob" - SCAM

Greetings, guys.

I add another investment project on the blog, which, in my opinion, deserves to be presented to your attention.

The Btcjob» started 16.07.2019 and, judging by the statistics presented on the Investorstartpage, is actively developing in terms of the influx of new investments. So, I think, it is worth starting to consider this fund, as a tool for earning today.

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"KSAKEP" the result of the project. Or not yet the result?

Dear friends.

Today I started writing an article onResults of the project KSAKEP". Over the years of his work (since 2014), almost all investors have doubled. Have worked "KSAKEP"Like a clock and the news of its closure, frankly, I was very shocked. Scam to call it did not turn the language, that even after the announcement of the closure, the admin regularly returned the deposits to his partners. Everything in this project deserved the most respect among investors..

But an article on the closure of the project and the results of his work was not destined to be on my blog. At least not today.

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New opportunity to get Stellar cryptocurrency for free

Hello guys!

Appeared A new opportunity to increase your coins Stellar, which many of you have already received for free, participating in XLM hand from blockchain wallet. Recently, the company Stellar holds large-scale promotions, and now free distribution of coins XLM will be held on the stock exchange Binance. I think "ball coins" is an interesting and profitable business.

Today I I'll tell you about the new airdrop Stellar and how to get cryptocurrency for free.

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Advanced Cash rejoins credit cards! Should I start all over again?

Hi everybody.

Perhaps, the main news of this week were «letters of happiness"From the infamous payment system Advanced Cash, in which it was happily reported that finally this EPS is again ready to provide bank card services to its users. (both virtual and real). The community accepted this event ambiguously and began long discussions on the relevance of services. ADVcash.

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Call from an unknown number? Beware, you may lose your money.

Hello guys.

Today I I want to discuss with you a new method of “divorce” from enterprising scammerswhich is aimed at our audience with you. On those, who knows what bitcoin is and how to use it.

It is worth noting that This kind of “divorce for money” is distinguished by good fiction and play on psychology. person The person who invented it is clearly quite clever and educated.

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Insurance fund: $ 200

"Wildrest" - SCAM

Hi everybody.

Last hour, went to the audience at "cheers", and I decided to take another similar project. At first, I missed it. "past the eyes"But looking closer, I realized that everything does not look exactly the way it seems at first glance.

There is a "WildrestSome moments that can lure the investor and reduce the load on the project. I think the administration has clear development plan, which means that we should pay our attention to this fund.

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Hourlyx - SCAM

Hi everybody.

I take on the blog a relatively fresh hourly. Started 09.07.2019 version ISP. The site is worth 06.07.2019.

I think it's worth trying here. Since projects of this type require "intervention and decision making"I offer you a short overview of the highlights of work and marketing project "Hourlyx».

So, let's go!

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Project Claymer - SCAM! The results of the work.

Dear friends!

Admin "Claymer"reported on the completion of the project. For which a special thanks to him. I did not drag out time, did not feed"breakfast", but apologized and said that they dragged as best they could.

I offer you a small overview of the results of this fund. Consider the history of work, how many payments gave investors and whether it was possible to get a profit here.

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When is the best time to buy a dollar?

Good afternoon, my dear partners.

Our final goal with you is to accumulate real money for your financial freedom, those that we have on our hands or on bank cards.. Thanks to our valiant “financial regulators” not all investors can withdraw earned “blood and sweat»Money on card accounts directly USD, EUR, etc. Often we are only available to the national currency, and, therefore, there is a need for its exchange in the real world on other banknotes.

Today we will understand when it is best to buy dollars.

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Given this, I am not responsible for the actions of the administrators of HYIP projects and the possible loss of funds on your part.