Payment System Payza(At that time Alertpay) began its work in 2005 year. Company headquarters are located in Quebec. The system is very quickly taking its place among Moneymaker, particularly after the closure of the controversial e-gold, making it the only transnational payment instrument, until the Perfect Money.

In May 2012 years Alertpay rebranded and stalaPayza.

The system provides the ability to register for the citizens of almost all countries of the world, with the exception of four African states and Belarus.

A distinctive feature of the system is relatively low commission charges.

The benefits of the system should include:

  1. International status,
  2. payment acceptance system online,
  3. The presence of the partner program,
  4. A huge number of ways of depositing and withdrawing funds.

Registration in the system:

To register in the system is recommended to use non-public email box, because it is his Payzaispolzuet as login and account number.

Such a system is extremely convenient, since you can send money to friends, colleagues and partners, entering only the e-mail. Even if the recipient is not registered, it will receive notification of the fact that he wants to transfer money, which he can get registered in the system.

To register in the system need to link «singup» service on the home page.

We answer immediately.

The system throws our country selection page and account type:

We answer immediately.

  1. Personal- best option. It allows you to make payments, exchange, transfer, cash out, fill, and more.
  2. Business- similar features like a personal account, but are additionally available for business solutions (receiving payments and invoicing with the possibility of integration with online shopping.

Select the country and press select.

Then enter any personal data, email account and password. We confirm registration by pressing the «Getstarted».

We answer immediately.

We confirm registration by clicking on the link that was sent to the e-mail. We get into the user's personal account.

Here we can learn about ways to replenish the electronic purse and the possibility of withdrawal of funds with minimum commissions and payments.

Payzabudet convenient service to professional investors and other online businessmen.

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