PerfectMoney - a payment system that is designed for non-cash payments on the Internet. The electronic system was created in the year 2007, registered in Panama, with its headquarters and main operational staff in Zurich, Switzerland.

The original goal of creating a Perfect Money is to provide fast service to secure payment b2b area. However, the potential was much higher and the system has become the second most popular for use in high-risk investment (HYIP). After the closure of Liberty Reserve, in 2011 years, the payment system came out on individual leadership.

Registration in Perfect Money payment system is recommended for all online business people, due to the independence from the public authorities of any country and was 4% per annum on the amount of the account balance. The assurances of the owners, account lockout can be made only at the request of the Panamanian court.

Also, at the end of the year 1, the account is automatically assigned the status of "Premium" and allows access to additional services and better offers for cooperation.

procedure of registration

Register Perfect Money account takes less than 3 minutes. Enter real data not necessarily as to verify the account, but highly recommended, as in case of any problems, to prove that the wallet belongs to you without the correct input data is extremely difficult.

Proceed to registration:

  1. We type in the address bar. We fall on the page "Create account". To create an account, fill in all fields. Especially pay attention to the fields, decorated with an asterisk - they are required.We answer immediately.
  2. There 2 account type "Personal" and "Business". 2-second version is used for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, 1-th - for all others.

    At the bottom of the page be sure to read the client agreement, put a tick and continue registration.1-2-registration

  3. After creating an account, a message appears stating that the ID sent to the specified e-mail. Check email, copy the ID - and go back to the site.We answer immediately.
  4. On the "Login" enter the client ID from the letter, password, and captcha. Click "Login".We answer immediately.
  5. Ourselves in the user's office.We answer immediately.

In your account, we can learn all the information about your accounts, security settings, as well as access to translation on the accounts of other clients, replenishment and withdrawal of funds and account statements. In addition, Perfect Money provides free internal mail to conduct classified correspondence.

Score Perfect Money consists of 1 8 letters and numbers. Choose the sequence of numbers is impossible, the system assigns them automatically.

We answer immediately.

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