“Robo FX Trading” - a complete overview of earnings on the ROBO trading robot

Hi everybody.

Today I want to introduce you to a beginner whom I decided to include in my investment portfolio. I talked with a representative for a very long timeRobo FX Trading”, Before deciding to work with him, I learned many interesting points that I’m ready to share with you.

So, today I offer you a full review article on "Robo FX Trading».

«We are not HYIP"- says the headRobo FX Trading». In general, he was quite convincing and the terminology that he used in communication was entirely consistent with the theme of the fund. Separately, I note that some of the nuances of work (making money, substantiating the minimum amount of withdrawal, etc.) were spelled out in such detail that there was no doubt that everything was going on like that. In general, I am inclined to believe that investor money is used in the direction indicated on the site and voiced by management.

Where are our money going?

In general, from the name "Robo FX Trading"It is already clear that investor funds are used for trading on the Forex market. Fund team uses ROBO trading botwhich is (attention, creepy terminology)):

self-learning algorithm of the event, variable time frame, it explores the market and creates its own model of multi-currency trading space from the TOP list of currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, JPY, GBP, CAD (the list can be adjusted), in which it trades according to the genetic event level.

In essence, the platform "Robo FX Trading» acts as an intermediary that simplifies the process of investing and using the ROBO trading algorithm excluding from the investor's worries such processes as opening a trading account, setting an algorithm, troubles with the establishment of funds, and so on.

What about the site.

In general, everything is the way we used to see in our daily lives. This is to say that the functionality, and some lotions (building partitions, certificate of registration in the UK, etc.) are inherent in the portals of the usual HYIP industry. Perhaps this is done in order not to look like a "black sheep" in our field. I am glad that the information presented is accessible, the functionality is clear, the design is nice, so, to study "Robo FX TradingIt was pretty easy.

Now for a living.

Initially, I will say that "Robo FX Trading", According to our classification - a low-profit project, or (in good months) a medium-profit project. They promise us here from 5% to 20% per month with the return of the deposit body at the end of the term.

The minimum investment amount is 100 USD, while the size of your deposit does not affect the amount of return. It only affects the minimum life of your investment:

  • 100 - 999 dollars - 12 months;
  • 1000 - 2499 dollars - 9 months;
  • 2500 - no limit - 7 months.

How is the accrual of profit.

Every day, after the close of trading on the exchange, the daily profit is distributed between participants and "Robo FX Trading"In the proportion of 50 to 50. Your net profit in cash equivalent as an investor will be calculated by the formula:

Example in numbers:

The total trading deposit is 1000 USD, the profit of the bot per day is 100 dollars, your contribution is 150 dollars.

Profit size: 50 * (150 $ / 1000 $) = 50 * 0.15 = 7.5 $.

If you further simplify this scheme, then as a percentage your profit will be the net profit of the participants / total size of the trading deposit of the bot. In our case, 50 / 1000 = 0.05 (5%)

As I said above, the monthly profit size is promised from 5% to 20%, but the calculator on the site is set to approximately 15%.

Well, the bot can watch out and in the minus. How then to be?

Initially, inRobo FX Trading»Laid down the principle of deposit safety. Yes, in rare cases, the bot can lead to a minus, but at the same time, your deposit will not decrease. There are two balances:

  • trade deposit - the one that is located at the broker and for which the bot trades;
  • free deposit - funds for withdrawal or reinvest

The negative profit will be the same as the positive one, divided in half between the participants and the company, but this minus will fall on a free deposit.

In any case, at the end of the term of the deposit, you will withdraw it in the same amount as you entered.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds in "Robo FX Trading»Produced through Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Visa / Mastercard.

A couple of important points:

  • after replenishment of the account, you need to activate the work of the deposit (press the button “Start-up”;
  • you can replenish your account with different EPS and create a common trade deposit. If you do this within 24 hours, the entire amount will go to the trading depot immediately;
  • profit can be withdrawn to any EPS regardless of the contribution made;
  • the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollar on Payeer, for other EPS 50 USD;
  • Payout schedule up to 72 hours, Payeer is almost always instant;
  • early withdrawal of the deposit body is possible with a penalty deduction of 30% of the face value of the investment;
  • after inclusion in the work, your deposit will be transferred to the trading account within approximately 48 hours. To be precise, then the rest of the day in which the deposit + 48 hours was created (this is due to the peculiarities of entering money into the brokerage account).

What else is interesting?

The project has a system of points that can be spent on purchases in the internal store. For balls you can get cash bonuses, activate an affiliate program and even get an Iphone X or MacBook Pro. You can get points by attracting new investors, increasing your investment or taking part in the game "Feed ROBO».

The investor’s personal account will be clear to everyone, so I won’t dwell on it. I’ll only note that in the “Terminal»You will have access to all the statistics of the robot in real time, so that there will be visible and the transaction and the size of the profit, and the results of the auction.

Well, actually, for now that's all for me. I will keep you informed about, all events and sizes of profit in "Robo FX Trading". As a long-term investment method, it deserves attention. "Robo FX Trading» just started its development and there are many new, interesting innovations ahead, which I will also inform you of, as they are implemented.

Refback on deposits in "Robo FX Trading»- 2% of the face value of any deposit.


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Great project and platform! competent hands and a cold head team perfectly copes with the task. did not long ago conclude on payeer it came as much as put without commission and on the same day! Good luck to the team and prosperity ROBO) withdrawal amount 40 $

A good project as a whole, and the idea is interesting at first glance. Waiting for a profit!

It was interesting to read.

The project is very attractive, an approach for reputable investors and is designed for a very long work! Good luck to all!

Quite an interesting project, but a little annoying, of course, the minimum amount for investment, which may not be very comfortable for some investors ..! In conclusion, in addition to payer, the minimum wage in my opinion is overstated ...! All profit!

another fifty)

Transaction Date: August 15 2019 16: 37
Operation ID: 842980365
Type of transaction: Transfer
Status: Done
obtaining Amount: $ 49.52
Comment: Withdrawal from ROBO FX TRADING

From: P1013992279

Thanks for the review of the new project. Of course, the phrase “incorporated into it at the genetic level of eventuality” sounds ridiculous because we are talking here about software (if there is actually a robot). But the functionality of the site, the design is very good)

The service pays - here are my 50 bucks back on the payer)

Operation date: 06 Aug 2019 14: 59

Operation ID: 838263337

Operation type: transfer

Status: success

Credited: 51.00 $

Comment: Withdrawal from ROBO FX TRADING

From: P1013992279

Thanks for an interesting novelty, functionality at the level, I’ll take a closer look at the project!

Thank you for an interesting decent new product! If everything is really so, then there are great chances of profit!

isho adin i vsio

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